Our Cosmetic Services

  • Porcelain Veneers

    What are porcelain veneers? Porcelain veneers are very thin, custom-made porcelain covers, which are placed over your existing teeth to improve their appearance. Can a single veneer be placed? Yes! To fix a single damaged or misaligned tooth, a single veneer can be placed. To create a complete smile makeover, we can also place multiple veneers. How will my porcelain veneers be applied to my teeth? The porcelain veneers will be ...
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  • Dental Crowns and Bridges

    What is a dental crown? A dental crown is used to cover a damaged tooth. A crown will provide structure and support to the damaged tooth, while improving its appearance and alignment with the surrounding teeth. Crowns can also be placed on top of dental implants or used to cover teeth that have had a root canal. What is a dental bridge? A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge attaches to the remaining n...
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  • Full Mouth Restorations

    What is full mouth restoration? When a patient has several dental problems caused by missing teeth, misaligned teeth, worn down teeth, or shifted teeth that need to be resolved, our knowledgeable team at Fort Malden Dentistry will work together to develop a comprehensive full mouth restoration treatment plan to achieve a beautiful and functional smile. What type of treatment would be recommended to restore a smile that has been neglecte...
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  • Teeth Whitening

    Why aren’t my teeth as white as they used to be? If you are noticing that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, you are not alone. Accidents, aging, and some beverages such as tea, coffee and red wine will over time dull the appearance of your natural white enamel. The natural result is a smile that is not as white as it used to be. Does Fort Malden Dentistry provide teeth whitening services? Yes! We are delighted to offer t...
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  • Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

    What is the difference between inlays and onlays? Inlays and onlays are custom-made fillings that our team can apply to decayed or damaged teeth. Inlays fit inside the cusps (or bumps) of your tooth, like a bonded filling. Onlays are similar to inlays, but they cover more of the tooth’s surface area and wrap over at least one edge of the tooth. How will I know if an inlay or onlay is right for me? The first step to determining if an ...
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Featured Services

Fort Malden Dentistry offers a comprehensive range of dental services.

Childrens Services, Dentist Amherstburg

Children's Services

At Fort Malden Dentistry, we know that our smallest patients have unique needs. Our friendly dental team will help create a positive first visit.

General Dentistry, Dentist Amherstburg

General Dentistry

Our warm and caring dental team at Fort Malden Dentistry offers a wide range of general dentistry services to meet your needs.

Preventative Dental Services, Dentist Amherstburg

Preventative Services

At Fort Malden Dentistry, we believe that preventive oral hygiene is the regular oral care that can prevent many serious dental problems.