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Dental Sedation

At Fort Malden Dentistry in Amherstburg, our dentists offer dental sedation options to help anxious patients feel calm during long dental procedures.

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Dental Sedation, Amherstburg Dentist

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation refers to a variety of techniques that can help patients feel more comfortable during dental procedures.

Our dentists can help determine if a dental sedation option is right for you. 

At Fort Malden Dentistry, we do everything we can to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental appointments. Along with dental sedation options, we aim to work at your pace, allowing you to take breaks when you need them, and provide calm reassurance as needed.

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Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

N2O - often called nitrous oxide or laughing gas - is a sedative that is inhaled through the mouth and nose alongside oxygen. This gas is colourless and may be either odourless or sweet-smelling.

This substance has been used as a surgical and dental sedation treatment since the mid-1800s. 

When under the influence of nitrous oxide you will not be asleep, you will instead be in a form of "conscious sedation."

You will be aware and will be able to respond to your dentist, but you will feel a sense of calm, relaxation and good humour. Sedation also can lessen anxiety, reduce the gag reflex and make time seem to pass more quickly.

The N2O Sedation Process

Prior to your dental procedure beginning, we will fit you with a mask that will pump a mixture of N2O and Oxygen into the air that you are breathing in.

We will then instruct you to continue breathing deeply in order to allow the dental sedation to take full effect.

When the nitrous oxide takes effect, many patients report a sense of calm, relaxation and good humour (hence where the term laughing gas originated).

Once your treatment has been completed, the effects of the nitrous oxide generally dissipate relatively quickly. Our team will help with this by using oxygen-rich air to help flush the sedative gas from your lungs.

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