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Children's Dental Services

Children's Dental Services, Amherstburg Dentist

Routine dental care is important for both kids and adults. Our services can be tailored to meet your child's dental needs, and keep their smile healthy.

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Children's Dental Services, Amherstburg Dentist

Early Positive Dental Experiences

At Fort Malden Dentistry, we are committed to helping children feel comfortable during their dental appointments so they can maintain good oral health throughout their life.

We offer a complete range of dental services for Amherstburg kids and their developing smiles and are dedicated to providing your child with the most positive dental experience possible.

We realize that visiting the dentist can be quite intimidating, so we strive to keep the environment calm, friendly and inviting which allows your child to relax. We work at your child's pace, explaining each step of the process and taking breaks if they get overwhelmed.

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Your Child's First Visit

Routine dental care is essential to maintaining excellent dental health. Your child's first visit should be between the ages of six months and one year. By this time, the baby's first teeth will begin to erupt allowing our dentists to spot any problems before they become big concerns.

Dental Services for Kids

At Fort Malden Dentistry, we offer dental services that can be tailored to meet your child's unique oral health needs, in order to help keep their smile healthy as they grow.

  • Preventive Hygiene

    Visiting the dentist for regular exams and cleanings when your child is young will help preserve the primary teeth until they are ready to fall out and be replaced by the permanent teeth. During each appointment, we will review proper oral hygiene techniques to ensure your child's smile is getting the proper care at home.

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  • Restorative Services

    If your child is at risk of decay, develops a cavity, or is experiencing misalignment issues, your dentist may also recommend restorative treatments such as dental fillings and mouth guards.

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  • Caries Control

    Controlling the development of dental decay, or cavities is an essential part of routine dental care for children. We offer professional examinations and cleanings along with fluoride treatments, dental sealants and advice in order to help maintain exceptional dental health as children grow. In most cases, our Amherstburg dentists recommend a professional cleaning and examination every six months.

  • Thumb Sucking

    Thumb sucking is a normal, self-soothing behaviour in young children and is usually outgrown while the child is still young. If thumb sucking continues after the eruption of adult teeth, however, it can lead to serious dental and speech problems. If your child continues to suck their thumb after various attempts to correct this behaviour then we may recommend the use of a dental appliance. This appliance is cemented behind your child’s front teeth, in order to help discourage thumb sucking.

  • Mouth Guards

    A custom mouth guard can protect your child’s teeth from damage while they are playing sports. Besides providing protection for the teeth and mouth, proper use of mouth guards can also protect your child's head, neck and jaw. Custom mouth guards are created and fitted over two visits allowing our team to create a sung fit that is comfortable for your child to wear.

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  • Space Maintainers

    A space maintainer is a small removable or non-removable dental appliance which holds the space of one or more missing baby teeth open until the permanent teeth grow in. The fitting of this appliance requires two short visits. The first visit allows our team to take dental impressions to create the appliance. During the second visit, we will place the space maintainer in a way that is comfortable for your child.

  • Dental Sealants

    Dental sealants are made from a clear or tooth-coloured material and applied to the surface of a child’s permanent molars in order to prevent the formation of cavities on these teeth. The process is generally painless and if properly cared for these sealants have the ability to help to protect your child's teeth for many years.

Children's Dental Services, Amherstburg Dentist

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