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Orthodontics for Children

Early orthodontic treatment can be essential for the long term oral health of your child. At Fort Malden Dentistry, we'll guide you through each step of your child's orthodontic treatment with compassion and care.

Childrens Orthodontics, Amherstburg Dentist

Why is orthodontic treatment important?

Orthodontic treatment not only improves the appearance of your child’s smile, it will improve your child’s bite.

A properly aligned bite allows children to chew correctly avoiding possible problems including prematurely wearing down teeth and pain in the jaw. Uneven teeth are also difficult to properly clean at home which often results in unnecessary decay.

How long will my child’s orthodontic treatment take?

The treatment time for orthodontics varies. It might take anywhere from a few months to a few years. The length of treatment depends upon a number of factors including the dental issues the orthodontics are addressing, the age of the patient, and the level of cooperation of the patient.

Our team at Fort Malden Dentistry, will be happy to provide you with an estimated length of treatment if you are considering orthodontics for your child.

What is the correct age for a child to begin orthodontic treatment?

Every child’s smile is different so there is no one correct age to begin orthodontic treatment. While orthodontic treatment can begin at many different ages, the best point to begin depends upon a number of factors including the dental challenges to be corrected, how many of your child’s adult teeth have erupted, the course of treatment to be followed, and your child’s anticipated level of cooperation.

To ensure you are starting orthodontic treatment at the optimal point, we will monitor your child’s smile on a regular basis.

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